“I feel empowered and a deep sense of knowing.”

"Julie's life activation healing established a connection to myself and my purpose.  Since receiving the healing, things in my life that no longer serve me seem to be falling away and the things that are aligned with my higher self have come into sharper focus. I feel empowered and a deep sense of knowing. Julie's creativity kit supported me through the first months after my life activation. Her guidance helped me manifest the new energy flowing in myself into positive changes in my life. " 

— Mary

“I feel great!”

"I feel great Julie!! I'm intending so hard these days. Also there's just way more willpower lately, and less wishy washy emotions. I feel lighter in spirit...that crystal holding portion where you were infusing light into me was really powerful."

— Maria

“I loved this wonderful happy place.”

"I spent much of the rest of the day feeling whole and full of love. I loved this wonderful happy place... I felt your presence as observer, and helper, moving my life forward. I'm so very glad we did this!!

It's exciting and scary coming into {my} new self " 

— Elizabeth, Therapist

I feel much lighter since the Life Activation Session. This is a strange feeling to explain, as if I freed myself from the last invisible thing that was holding me back. I know I am in front of a blank page, with everything to build in my life and a deep desire to do this at my own pace and be myself. 

— AM


“It was so special”

It was so special to meet you a few weeks ago. It was really tremendous. Your expert facilitation and compassion was really beautiful. Thank you for creating such a safe space to have hearty conversations.  


“The course with Julie was amazing.”

"The course with Julie was amazing help for me to understand myself and the base of {my} problems and strengths. It really made a change for me - towards more mindful actions and thinking, and for more peace and compassion in my life."

— Suze, Neurobiologist

“It was so empowering"

Julie Grimm's Purpose of Life reading brought me to tears.  It confirmed so much of what I had only glimpsed about myself and my life.  It gave me a much broader, more universal understanding of why I am here.  It was so empowering to hear.  Julie is an incredibly clear and detailed reader.  You can tell she's really done the worked to clear herself so that she can be a vessel for what needs to come through for the highest service each session"

- Madison W.  RN

"I would highly recommend it!"

Julie is a very special healer. Her presence and energy put me immediately at ease. The Full Spirit Activation was amazing. I felt more connected to my core essence and so relaxed and totally free of stress afterwards. I would highly recommend it!! Thank you so much Julie.

- Beth S.

"Thank you Julie for this beautiful session"

I received the Life Purpose reading from Julie Grimm today.  It was an amazing experience that enlightened me to what I needed to know to continue one my life journey.  Thank you Julie for this beautiful session.

- Julie L, Co-Owner of Limitless Light Center

"I feel super energized and motivated now"

Thank you so much Julie- It was great, I feel super energized and motivated now

- Ruthie, Law School Student

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