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Yin and meditation workshop

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Are you always on the run? Always looking to achieve more, be more, do more? Do you make time to rest, relax and nourish your body and mind?

Yin and meditation are two powerful tools to help restore balance to burnt out bodies and over-run minds. A modern city lifestyle needs to be infused with down-time, rest and focus to counter all the distractions and chaos we face daily. The long static holds of yin yoga give you time to slow down and start to turn inwards, which allows you to merge more easily with your breath and focus your awareness to the present moment. The poses are designed to target the lower part of the body which enables you to sit for longer periods of time with less discomfort, ready to step into the field of meditation.

This powerhouse combo of Yin and Meditation is specially designed to help nourish your body mind and soul on a deep level, so that you can achieve more and be great consistently, without the burn out.

Come experience the benefits for yourself in this 2.5 hr workshop with Pamela and Julie. Leave feeling renewed, restored and ready to take on the day!

To ensure maximum attention, this workshop session is limited to eight students. To reserve a spot, you can make an online reservation now!