Life Activation


  • more JOY
  • greater clarity of life purpose
  • effortlessly let go of old baggage

Life Activation is a powerful one on one session that helps reconnect you with your own blueprint: the deepest wisdom inside of you that already knows why you're here, what you're meant to do, and what it means to be whole, joyous and complete.

The Life Activation is a catalyst for transformation like no other, and is truly the beginning step for so much positive change in people's lives.

This one on one session is ~2 hrs and $250.  Available in a package with Full Spirit Activation for $450.

**speciality packages can be created upon request and as seen fit for each persons unique progression

What people are saying

"Julie Grimm's Purpose of Life reading brought me to tears.  It confirmed so much of what I had only glimpsed about myself and my life.  It gave me a much broader, more universal understanding of why I am here.  It was so empowering to hear.  Julie is an incredibly clear and detailed reader.  You can tell she's really done the worked to clear herself so that she can be a vessel for what needs to come through for the highest service each session" - Madison W.  RN