Does the current state of the world make you want to give up?  You try to be an open-minded good citizen, but it’s not enough and you want to throw in the towel. Are you highly educated but still don’t know how to solve the worlds problems?   Do you struggle with mysogynists at work and the world at large and don’t know what to do?

You’ve tried working harder, protesting, therapy, or straight up ignoring it but those strategies just aren’t working. 

Do you feel like you’re simultaneously doing everything you can but it’s still not enough?

I hear you, and we will make it through, we will be OK.  There is hope.



           I dedicated myself to years of school and academic research, believing that with more education and knowledge I would better be able to help the world around me.  At the age of 26 I’d lived in three different continents, spoke Chinese and Hebrew, had a Master’s degree in Neuroscience and yet felt totally at a loss when confronting the pain of the world.  With all my achievements, I was distressed by the state of the world and unable to cope, let alone make the positive impact I wanted.  I knew I was a powerful leader, but I silenced myself at work, and felt saddened by the reality in which I lived. The world around me seemed to become darker and more violent.

            Despite all my degrees and honors, I couldn’t help the world the way I wanted to.  If you’re here, I’m guessing you can relate.

            I began to meditate and discovered that by shifting my inner landscape I could nourish work relationships and find my voice in the office. As I stopped being a doormat to those around me and stood my ground, often in the face of dissent, people respected me more. 

         I remembered the things that gave me peace and joy, like creativity, nature and being with animals. I found hope.

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           I began studying metaphysics, meditation and received deep and profound healings that allowed me to stand up for what I believe in in a way that truly created lasting change for myself and the people in my life.  I let go of years of hatred and anger and gave myself true freedom.  I released distortions I had about myself and others and opened to really see the truth.

            Fast-forward 4 years and I am a different person. I left my dissatisfying job to start my own business where I’ve worked with fortune 500 companies and hundreds of clients.  I have seen accomplished individuals heal deep-seated issues, helping them find more joyful and peaceful lives at work and at home.     

         I no longer look at the world and feel like it’s about to end—I look at the world and I see all that is changing, I see all the possibility for the future and for humanity to finally unite in peace.

I am a leader in those changes and I empower other leaders to stand up and face misogyny and violence and truly help the world become better for all of us and our children.         

If you're ready to find real solutions to the problems you see in the world, if you’re ready to foster deep and lasting change both in your own life and all around you then schedule your free one on one consult with me to create an action plan and get started.  The time is now.

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I see you!  I know that you are sick of living a life that is just not yours.  I'm here to help you live your dream life.  I'm here to help you value yourself and your uniqueness.

When we work together I'll hold space for you to tap into your unique desires and vision for your life.  Together we will chart a course to that future, navigating the fears, negative self talk and all other obstacles that arise.  I offer a unique blend of energy work, meditation and coaching that allows my clients to achieve the breakthroughs they desire.