Life Activation


  • more JOY
  • greater clarity of life purpose
  • effortlessly let go of old baggage

Life Activation is a powerful one on one session that helps reconnect you with your own blueprint: the deepest wisdom inside of you that already knows why you're here, what you're meant to do, and what it means to be whole, joyous and complete.

The Life Activation is a catalyst for transformation like no other, and is truly the beginning step for so much positive change in people's lives.

This one on one session is ~2 hrs and $250.  Available in a package with Full Spirit Activation for $450.

**speciality packages can be created upon request and as seen fit for each persons unique progression

What people are saying

"Julie Grimm's Purpose of Life reading brought me to tears.  It confirmed so much of what I had only glimpsed about myself and my life.  It gave me a much broader, more universal understanding of why I am here.  It was so empowering to hear.  Julie is an incredibly clear and detailed reader.  You can tell she's really done the worked to clear herself so that she can be a vessel for what needs to come through for the highest service each session" - Madison W.  RN

Full Spirit Activation


  • See the bigger picture of your life
  • Ground your purpose into reality: manifest the fruits of your life work
  • Release emotional attachments
  • Heightened sensory awareness and quieter mind

Full Spirit Activation is the next step in the Life Activation.  As its name implies, is helps bring spirit or soul awareness down into the physical. It does this through further integrating your rational and instinctual brain.  The limbic or reptilian brain is related to your emotions, but also stores your deeper awareness of self-- where your most primitive and primal desires live.  By coordinating these two regions of yourself, you begin to operate from a space of more joy, physical presence and awareness of self.  

All the power is here now, by being more present in your physical body with greater awareness of your true self you see greater opportunities to live your life path and have more enjoyment in your physical life.

$250 1 hour and 15 min

Available in a package with Full Spirit Activation for $450

**speciality packages can be created upon request and as seen fit for each persons unique progression

What people are saying: 

"Julie is a very special healer. Her presence and energy put me immediately at ease. The Full Spirit Activation was amazing. I felt more connected to my core Essence and so relaxed and totally free of stress afterwards. I would highly recommend it!! Thank you so much Julie." - Beth S.


Spark of Life

  • Break through apathy
  • Clear stuck energy and emotional blocks
  • Embrace more FLOW in your life

Is it hard for you to keep your positive energy?  

Do you wake up feeling lethargic, slow to start and drained?

Do you experience a lot of negativity, whether from around you or from your own thoughts?

Spark of life healing is a remote healing that can be done from anywhere in the world.  It helps people move out of apathy and stagnation to live their life more fully.

$250, 1 hour and 30 minutes REMOTE session

What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much Julie- It was great, I feel super energized and motivated now"
- Ruthie, Law School Student

Shamanic Aura Clearing       

  • Clear negative thoughts
  • Feel more alert, alive and full of energy
  • Flush out negativity, stale energy and give your system and purifying shower

The thoughts we have create energy that over time has an effect on our mood, our physical body and vitality, and our life over all.  As we get stuck in negativity a haze or fog forms around us.  This can be amplified and influenced by the people around us.

The Shamanic Aura Clearing is a powerful and gentle technique to clear that haze or fog so that you can experience more positivity in your day to day life.

I highly recommend this paired with an Aura healing to help support people in depression!

The session is 45 min, $150 investment




Aura Healing

  • Feel safer and more secure
  • Be less affected by other peoples negativity
  • Have less energetic drains, and feel more alert throughout the day
  • Heal trauma and chronic stress

Too much coffee, too much stress or traumatic events leaves our mind body and spirit a little frazzled.  This energy healing helps to calm the system and repair damage gently and effectively.  Clients report feeling more energized the day after-- less affected by external negativity and feel more whole and at ease.

45 min @$150

Life Purpose reading

Life Purpose Reading or 11th codon reading is an empowering and supportive reading that gives insight into who we are as an essence, before our limiting beliefs or concepts of self.  This healing is best for people who want to understand who they are, rather than guidance about what day to day actions serve them.

$250, 1 hr and 15 minutes session

What people are saying: 

"I received the Life Purpose reading from Julie Grimm today.  It was an amazing experience that enlightened me to what I needed to know to continue one my life journey.  Thank you Julie for this beautiful session."

- Julie L, Co-Owner of Limitless Light Center