Full Spirit Activation


  • See the bigger picture of your life
  • Ground your purpose into reality: manifest the fruits of your life work
  • Release emotional attachments
  • Heightened sensory awareness and quieter mind

Full Spirit Activation is the next step in the Life Activation.  As its name implies, is helps bring spirit or soul awareness down into the physical. It does this through further integrating your rational and instinctual brain.  The limbic or reptilian brain is related to your emotions, but also stores your deeper awareness of self-- where your most primitive and primal desires live.  By coordinating these two regions of yourself, you begin to operate from a space of more joy, physical presence and awareness of self.  

All the power is here now, by being more present in your physical body with greater awareness of your true self you see greater opportunities to live your life path and have more enjoyment in your physical life.

$250 1 hour and 15 min

Available in a package with Full Spirit Activation for $450

**speciality packages can be created upon request and as seen fit for each persons unique progression

What people are saying: 

"Julie is a very special healer. Her presence and energy put me immediately at ease. The Full Spirit Activation was amazing. I felt more connected to my core Essence and so relaxed and totally free of stress afterwards. I would highly recommend it!! Thank you so much Julie." - Beth S.