For Individuals

“Work is love made visible”
— Khalil Gibran

What you'll get:

  • Support and structure in working toward your goals

  • Avoid burnout by understanding your true motivations and create an action plan that aligns with your core values

  • Learn to work through self-doubt so you can take action that aligns with your highest self

  • Connect to your core desires so you can move past the “shoulds” and be a leader in your own life

  • Get clear on the next steps toward your goals.


..Are you in!?

I offer free discovery calls to see if we'd be a good fit.  Schedule one today!

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What's included?

*Guided Meditation*

Downloadable meditations targeted towards different aspects of the creative process will be regularly made available for download.  These resources will be for yours to keep and return to whenever you like!

*Opt in Activation*

As an added bonus, an in person one on one Life Activation will be offered at 50% off.  These sessions are incredibly supportive for releasing negativity and stepping into new ways of being.

*Structured Support & Accountability*

The heart of creativity consulting is one on one weekly phone calls to identify purpose, connect to passion and take direct steps towards your creative dreams.

*Fun & Play*

While this might seem like a strange offering, it's actually at the core of my work.  I believe that by tapping into our joy and purpose we find ways to get things done without feeling depleted. Tinkering is an essential part of innovation, so bring your toolkit and I'll bring mine-- let's play!

I am focused on helping others commit themselves heart + soul to creating their dream life.

This is achieved through creativity coaching, a process that helps people awaken to their purpose, potential & path to make it all real.

Creativity coaching is a commitment to jumpstart grounded action steps you can take towards achieving your dream.  It's offered as a one on one platform for 8 sessions (9 if includes a healing session).