Th Knot of I: Separation, the greatest ego trap

In the previous blog post I spoke about how the third eye helps us to awaken to greater spiritual truths.  One of the most important of those truths is that we are all one.

Ok, before you get too far into your eye rolling-- let me show you that you already know this on some level.  All us humans, we live on a single planet.  When China over-fished it's oceans due to irresponsible practices it started to poach fish off Africa (let's just take a wild guess that China hadn't learned its lesson and was still over-fishing but now in Africa).  Guess what, China's problem became Africa's problem, do you really want to say it will stop there? Or, how about that trash island near Alaska that is reportedly now the size of France.  Can you really say that you have no hand in that and that it will not effect you?  We're already finding that plastic is contaminating our sea salt!  

So on a very physical level we're being shown again and again that problems for one country or region never exist in isolation, and if they remain unresolved or undealt with the spread.  Kinda like cancer. Like the earth is our one body and home and we as humans are all allowing cancer to spread like poison through it.  Politics aside, we do not exist in isolation and what we do for better and for worse has an effect on the world around us.

Ok, ok I'll back off of that for a moment.

So this separating that exists in most of our minds is present down to the level of ourselves as individuals. Our ego (positive and negative) helps us to experience life separately.  This is good because we're able to see that we are truly individuals ( I never said that being connected meant we didn't have uniqueness within that interconnection!).  But gone too far, ego convinces us that we are all alone.  This can be extremely harmful not just for the reasons I've already mentioned on a worldwide level, but because it prevents us from asking for help and receiving it.  It makes us feel separate from all that we want and desire and it makes us numb to the suffering of others.

This separating exists on many levels, but has been traced by yogis back to knots in your energy system.  Without knowing about these knots I experienced their power and only later found that yogis have known about them for thousands of years.

Today I want to talk about the Knot of I.  This knot deals much more with the ego self and with separation.  It's found between your navel and your sternum-- go on and feel for yourself, do you have any tummy knots?

My experience with this area becoming un-knotted was profound!  You know how people always say to trust your gut, or ask if you have a knot in your stomach?  I could never feel those things until one day my knot loosened.  It was in that moment I realized I had never felt the knot because IT WAS ALWAYS THERE...

In this video I talk more about the Knot of I, how it links to the ego, separation, intuition and surrender of control or power.

If you have a knot there, fear not!  It can be released through intention, relaxation, meditation and transcending the idea that we are separate.  Relax into your belonging in this world, allow this world to be your home, your community.  Take up your rightly place and be as big as you were intended to be.  Release the need to control others to feel safe, affirm to yourself that you are already safe, and that you deserve to be here.

I hope you enjoy!  As always please feel free to reach out with any questions or to explore any energy healing that may serve you on your journey.