What is Healing?

In previous posts I've delved into what energy work is.  Today I want to take a look at another term I use frequently: healing.


What does it mean to heal yourself and why would you try anyway?  How can you know if there's something you need to heal?

Firstly, I believe that each one of us is on this planet to heal something.  We are born with the knowledge of how to heal ourselves, although most of us have forgotten, are too afraid or don't believe in ourselves.  In Kabbalah there is the concept of "tikkun," or reclamation.  The teaching states that each on of us is here to help heal the Earth's soul.  Therefore, it is not shameful to need healing, it is natural.  As we heal ourselves we heal the world, and perhaps that is our primary purpose on this planet.

In this video I'll go into more detail discussing how healing works and I'll focus on depression and anxiety as two major areas that need healing in the US today.

Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation are two really powerful energy healing modalities that help catalyze our own healing process and bring us to new levels of awareness.  Please reach out if they are of interest to you!