Manifesting Soul Love

More than 6 months ago I started a journey to meet my life partner (you can join my facebook group, Manifesting Soul Love here)

There were highs and lows, and then a period of quiet.  I felt like my inspiration for the group was gone.  My partner still hadn't shown and what was I doing anyway?

After coming down with a severe cough for 3 weeks, I found that a whole new understanding of what manifesting my soul mate means for me as a woman came to light.  Catalyzed by powerful conversations with spiritual guide, Jordan Bain, I began to gain greater clarity over not only my own desires but what it means to be a woman.

Manifestation follows the pattern of creation that utilizes sexual energy polarized as masculine and feminine to create.

I am a woman. I run more feminine energy as a natural and aligned state.

For many years I have operated from the frame-work that being a woman isn't enough, that I have to produce like a man to be "successful." I've run my energy trying to be a man, not letting people help me or assist me and trying to do it all.

For a variety of reasons, societal and personal, I felt like it wasn't safe to "rely" on a man, and at worst it was darn right shameful, as if I couldn't provide for myself so I needed a man.

We don't exist in isolation, we rely on each other. In fearing co-dependency, abandonment and disappointment I worked relentlessly, over taxing my system for fear of not surviving.

When we work cooperatively with others true abundance is possible-- we are able to utilize each others strengths and natural talents to create harmony. Creating a new human life, a baby, takes a man and a woman.

Unwittingly, I saw the masculine energy -- the parent that provides, as the more important role. I undermined motherhood, the role of the feminine in nourishing and loving life.

Recently I was asked, "Is being a mother not enough?" How could it not be enough!? And yet when I really asked myself this question-- really asked myself honestly I discovered that in fact, I didn't believe that motherhood was enough. I needed to be independent, provide for myself, be creative and strong and on top of it all a mother.

What is possible if I stand in my femininity and allow the world to provide for me?

What is possible if I allow myself to receive?

What is possible if I accept that motherhood, giving birth to a new child is not only enough, it is perhaps one of the greatest blessings to give this planet, and one of the most important roles.

What can I manifest if I allow myself to stand in my feminine power and flow with my hearts desires, allowing myself to be cared for, nourished, protected and cherished?

This starts first with myself, and then is echoed in the world around me.

Maybe this is the female revolution.

It is mine.