Loving yourself

Even as I wrote the title to this blog, "Loving yourself" I felt myself wince at what is now a common cliche.  And yet, yes that it is really what I want to write about!

There is an epidemic out there, and it's disguised as love and care for others.  At the heart of this is lack of self-love, but even more essential-- a lack of self-knowledge.

As humans, in order to even begin the work of finding our true calling, our purpose and our passions, we must on some basic fundamental level be caring for our own basic needs.  Oftentimes we will rely on others to care for our basic needs, whether emotional, physical or other, and we do it almost unconsciously.

What happens then is that our need, which is still very much real, is now being slightly masked or minimized by our attachment to a relationship (food, money, people) and we no longer hear it calling for us.  We can go on to achieve success, but this unfilled need will continue to call us, whether loudly or as a quiet but pervasive annoyance until we finally care for it.  Ignoring this call leads people down long paths of abuse, addiction, unhappiness, consumerism and unfulfilled lives. But what happens when we care for it?  Well, that is the first step of loving ourselves!

So, if you feel called to go out and give your love away, to bath others in your radiance and affection, I invite you to take one more moment before you do that and check in with yourself.  Really check in and make sure you don't need some of that love first.

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PS life activation is a great first step for connecting and caring for yourself

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