Awaken Thyself


Journey to the Path of Initiation

July 25th, 6:30-10 PM

Do you want to create a successful life for yourself that is focused on serving others? Are you looking for more freedom, impact, or clarity? 


Awaken Thyself offers you the opportunity to explore the Path of Initiation in a true lineage - one that has worked for thousands of years to awaken the soul’s purpose and catapult people into living authentically from the heart. In this experiential class we will dive into the teachings of the lineage and then learn a powerful meditation technique and daily practices to begin to work with these energies to create energetic protection, get consistent guidance and clarity from your Higher Self, and manifest what you truly desire for you life. 


Price: $75 - The full value of this class can be applied towards an upcoming Empower Thyself Initiation class of your choice if you place a $275 deposit by August 31, or towards a Life Activation or Full Spirit Activation if you book it by August 31. 


Ariana Bain, MESc

Ariana is a social entrepreneur and spiritual guide who helps people know themselves, their mission, and how to bring their whole heart and soul to their livesShe blends a wealth of deep spiritual teachings with over a decade of experience applying these tools to drive lasting social and environmental transformation.

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