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 I was just an average scientist pursuing a scientific career when I found Life Activation.  Although successful on the outside, internally my life was falling to pieces.  I regularly used substances to avoid and escape emotional pain and trauma that I wanted to ignore.  I had spent my whole life working towards a job and career that was wholly unfulfilling (and killing me) and I had just totally sabotaged a relationship with a man who meant the world to me.  I was extremely depressed.

In the midst of one of my darkest periods, I reached out for help and opened myself up to a new world of possibility when I received a Life Activation— a simple hour long session– that has since entirely changed my life.

For one of the first times in my life I felt safe– safe to discover who I truly am.  Safe enough to dismantle the masks that I had clung to, my armor.  I stopped drinking and smoking (not QUIT, just stopped!) almost immediately and other negative patterns fell effortlessly out of my life.

I started painting more and within three months had 10 paintings hanging in an exhibition and one already sold.

I had more JOY than I had every experienced in my life.

I began to step into my role as gardner of my own life and my neglected or undermined talents started to bear remarkable fruits.

The world is humanity’s garden, and we are like children, creating sand castles, chalk paintings and whatever other temporal dreams are asleep within us.  Currently, humanity is neglecting that role.  We are instead allowing our fears, our negativity, reactivity and doubts to steer our behavior towards Earth, one another and ourselves.

It is time for us, each of us, to stand up and become who we are truly--to take off our masks and insecurities and begin to bring our gifts to the world.  And I am here to help.

with love,


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