6 Weeks to self worth Online Course

Self worth is at the core of so much in our life-- and the extent to which it is rocky is reflected in the world around us.  When we live each day filled with a sense of worthiness, knowing that we have immense gifts to offer the world-- we become an unstoppable force of good.

Who would benefit?

Self worth is truly an unending adventure!  

This is for you if you:

  • struggle to truly invest in yourself and spend money in areas of your life that would REALLY benefit you
  • put others needs before your own
  • have trouble speaking up for yourself and asserting yourself
  • rely heavily on others for feelings of worthiness, approval or a sense of self
  • want and believe that you can achieve more in life, but struggle to make it a reality
  • critique and berate yourself for mistakes you have made in the past

What you'll get

In this 6 week online course you will receive weekly tutorials complete with integration assignments.

The goal of this course is to help you identify key areas in your life that need healing and begin to get to work on it!  Our self worth cannot come from any other person, but is only something that we ourselves can deny or give.  

The video tutorials offer huge insight and learning into what self-worth truly is and how to re-engage in an empowered way to become the captain of our own life.  The weekly integration assignments help us tap into the daily ways of being that will help unlock this new potential.

What people are saying

"You have a beautiful, powerful, confident way of speaking about difficult topics. You bright light to the dark and appreciate your soul's knowledge and your gift of sharing."

-Melissa P.