Transform your fears into freedom





Work through long standing issues in a deep and transformative way.



Get accountability and support in making the changes that lead to lasting change.

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Work with me from your own home at an affordable rate!


“It was so special to meet you a few weeks ago. It was really tremendous. Your expert facilitation and compassion was really beautiful. Thank you for creating such a safe space to have hearty conversations."  


I see you!  I know that you are sick of living a life that is just not yours.  I'm here to help you live your dream life.  I'm here to help you value yourself and your uniqueness.

When we work together I'll hold space for you to tap into your unique desires and vision for your life.  Together we will chart a course to that future, navigating the fears, negative self talk and all other obstacles that arise.  I offer a unique blend of energy work, meditation and coaching that allows my clients to achieve the breakthroughs they desire.